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Procureyard is the leading business-to-business marketplace for construction materials in India. We connect construction professionals with a vast network of pre-vetted suppliers, streamlining the procurement process and ensuring success for every project.

We are passionate about building a better construction industry. Procureyard’s mission is to empower construction businesses of all sizes by providing a transparent, efficient, and reliable platform to source their material needs. 


We envision Procureyard as the one-stop solution for all construction material procurement in India. We strive to revolutionize the construction supply chain by fostering collaboration, innovation, and sustainable practices within the industry.

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Partner Testimonials

Rajeev Founder & CEO of Raj Constructions

Procureyard has been a game-changer for our construction business. Before, sourcing materials was a time-consuming and frustrating process. We had to deal with multiple vendors, get quotes, and negotiate prices. Now, with Procureyard, everything is in one place. We can easily compare prices from different suppliers and get the best deals. Plus, the platform is really user-friendly and saves us a lot of time. We've been able to streamline our procurement process and focus on what we do best - building!

Priya Director of Sales, National Steel Company

As a building material supplier, Procureyard has opened up a whole new world of customers for us. In the past, it was difficult to reach out to contractors and get our products in front of them. But Procureyard has given us a platform to showcase our offerings to a wide audience. We've been able to connect with new clients and grow our business significantly. The platform is also very efficient for managing orders and deliveries. We're very happy to be partnered with Procureyard.

Meenakshi Partner, Design Space Architects

Procureyard has been a valuable asset for our architectural firm. It allows us to quickly and easily source the materials we need for our projects. The platform has a wide variety of products from all the leading brands, and the prices are very competitive. We can also track our orders in real-time, which helps us stay on schedule. Procureyard has made our material procurement process much more efficient and cost-effective. We highly recommend it to any architect or construction professional.